Stop the energy thief...your fireplace damper
Traditional fireplace dampers leak. They leak a lot. That costs you big money in lost utility dollars going out your chimney.

A Lyemance Top-Sealing Damper will change all that. This well constructed, superbly engineered damper eliminates 90% of the winter heat and summer cooling loss that leaks past your current damper. It also eliminates downdrafts and keeps moisture and animals out of your chimney and home. Moisture in your chimney causes unwelcome odors and leads to deterioration of bricks and mortar. The Lyemance Top-Sealing Damper works year round to protect your chimney. That's why thousands are installed each year.

Our silicone rubber gasket provides solid, tight-sealing protection

Nothing seals like a rubber gasket. That's why we use rubber enhanced silicone for lifetime durability. It makes the Lyemance Top-Sealing Damper seal super tight, just like an old fashioned Mason jar. Traditional throat dampers only give metal to metal contact - notoriously leaky and expensive. Who can afford heated or cooled air going out their chimney?

Your current throat damper was designed for the days when energy was cheap. Back then if you lost some energy here and there, it was no big deal. Today it is a big deal. Energy prices have skyrocketed and are predicted to go even higher. Lyemance solves your problem because it seals like no throat damper can.

Lyemance energy- saving dampers are available only from chimney professionals
Professionals always sell the sturdiest, most durable, and most effective products available - the ones you can't find in your local stores. Why? They stake their reputation on what they sell.

Lyemance Dampers are only sold through professionals because it takes a professional to properly size and install a Lyemance Damper. Once installed, it's easy as pie to use - with a simple tug on the handle, it's open and with another tug, it's closed.
Why wait? Begin saving energy and increase your comfort now. Don't waste another dollar in energy loss - begin your long friendship with Lyemance, the leader in top-sealing dampers.

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